A. Canadian Military - Post WWI era

WW2 Lord Strathcona Horse Officer's Silver Collar Badge

This regiment is also known as the "Royal Canadians" as appears on this silver badge.


WW2 Royal Rifles of Canada Sterling sweetheart pin.

a sterling sweetheart pin


WW2 Royal Canadian Army Service Corps Cap badge

clean original badge w/crosspin


WWII era Royal Canadian Dragoons

All lugs are intact and functional.


WWII Armoured Cars Shoulder Titles

Brass with all lug style fasters intact


Original WW2 Era Devil's Brigade Patch

the "Devil's Brigade" was formed in 1942 by volunteers from the Canadian and American armies.


WW2 New Brunswick North Shore regiment Cap Badge

One of the Canadian regiments which landed on Juno beach on D-Day


1922 Pattern Canadian Ensign Flag pin (3cm by 5cm)

This Canadian Ensign, was our flag through from 1922 until; 1965.  After WWI millions of Canadian soldiers who fought during the 20th Century served under this flag.


WW2 Celluloid Cross RCAF Sweetheart

pendant made of aircraft canopy celluloid.


Silver RCAF KC pin (pre 1953 era)

The enameling is near perfecton on this little beauty